Clear Data and Delete Cache with simple steps

What’s greater, thinking about that we are able to now not be capable of use Google Play any longer, useless to mention, you may use theOfficial app to download applications and get hold of automatic updates of them. And after this properly-added motor vehicle, we hold.In Applications> Downloaded we have a compendium with all the programs that we have hooked up in the terminal. Clicking on any of them we will get admission to the records phase of it, from where we can force its closure with the button Force Detention . After this, and to lighten space, we can deliver the button Uninstall updates to go back the app to its initial state of series.

This will only be viable in the apps pre-installed inside the terminal, and since we can not be able to cast off the app at all . what much less to decrease that lifeless area so as to be left for us. After this click on on Clear Data and Delete Cache if possible, and subsequently we give Disable . Doing this, similarly to preventing the app from beginning, we will conceal it from our software drawer. In Applications> Inhibited we will have a list with all that we’ve got disabled.

Clear Data and Delete Cache with simple steps:

Warning! In addition to all the Google apps stated above, we’ve got the eternal Google Play Services carrier, whose significance is vital , in view that it is the “bridge” API used by the relaxation of Google’s utilities to work properly. An eye fixed to the permissions that it requires and which might be taken advantage of by all the services that interact with it. Or what’s the same, if we disable it, they will forestall operating correctly, so if we intend to do a 1/2-smooth and, as an example, we want to keep the use of Gmail or some other, we would better leave it energetic.

If still, we want to get rid of it with the aid of being the object that consumes the most, we will find it in Applications> In execution at the side of different offerings now not materialized in the shape of apps which include the Google keyboard or the wallpapers carrier, which we also can put off as if it had been an app.


If as we have previously encouraged, we have reset the factory terminal and the device does not require us to accomplice account when making the start configuration, we will keep this step. By default, it’s far vital to associate a Google account with our device to proceed with the synchronization of related offerings. We will pull the plug through the Google tool management machine through getting into this URL and clicking on the Remove button of the terminal in question.

From now on, we will now not have get entry to to offerings that need our account, despite the fact that the idea of all that is exactly not to have that use restriction. There continues to be a totally vital vestige of Google inside the terminal, and it is the search bar placed perennially at the pinnacle of the computing device.