Protectand uncheck the choice Search security threats

And on the grounds that we are, apart from putting the interface to our liking, we can upload capability that is lost while installing apps out of doors of Google Play, and it’s far the automated appearance of a shortcut on the laptop. For this, in the sectionDesktop we need to mark the option Add icon to Home screen. ow permit’s unlink a few things from the Google Settings menu . We go to Services> Ads and test the choice Disable Ad Customization.

In this way we are able to prevent Google from monitoring our surfing ID to reveal us personalized advertising and marketing. If we also need to prevent the usage of the place and far flung locking device, we go to security and uncheck the choice Find my device. We also can cancel the automatic test system that periodically scans our device for vulnerabilities and forestalls us from putting in applications that, in step with Google, are malicious. For that we go to the section Security> Google Play Protectand uncheck the choice Search security threats.
Now comes the complicated task of looking for replacements in line with the programs that we use generally. From the outset, and in step with the last steps, we should do with a browser and step lower back to place an alternative seek at the laptop of the terminal. With we killed numerous birds (or ducks) with one stone, as their app, in addition to putting in an adapted version of Firefox with anti-tune protection as standard, carries its seek engine as a widget, some thing that involves us from pearls. In the primary image that illustrates this article you can see how nicely it’s far.

Protectand uncheck the choice Search security threats:

There are several applications able to performing this project. The one which illustrates this article is Root Unistaller , that as we’ve exact, it’s miles vital to perform the technique of unlocking the bootloader, putting in a custon recovery and putting in SuperSU to make the administrator privileges permanent. It isn’t the time or the place to explain the way to do this, so if we want to transport ahead, we must as a minimum realize the way to perform this procedure.Here we do input dangerous terrain, because any fake step will supply us many headaches, mainly if we ruin some provider mainly useful execution. In the case of the subscriber, I blocked the download supervisor (get right of entry to to the Downloads folder), and collectively with it, a Motorola carrier that manages updates and, seemingly, also the bundle supervisor, in order that the downloads are now They save in a one-of-a-kind route to the original and the most effective manner to put in apps is accessing that path with a report browser or using alternative equipment consisting , which makes use of a distinctive folder. Use this example to illustrate how careful we should be.


The simplest manner to get rid of it’s miles by way of the usage of a launcher, and as a result we dispose of the only used by Google. Nova Launcher is absolutely the satisfactory option that we are able to pick out in terms of functionalities in its free model, which isn’t the most effective one. Once this utility is established, we go to the App & widget drawers section and uncheck the Search bar option .